September 28, 2022

Prompter Offline Edition
Splash screen of RareApps Prompter Offline Edition

What is RareApps Prompter Offline Edition

RareApps Promter Offline Edition is a Chrome Based application that will let you use the lyrics you downloaded from here ( without internet connection (OFFLINE).

Possible Scenario when you will need Offline Edition

  • You know the line up of the songs but you are not sure if there will be internet on the venue. You can download image version of the lyrics on the line up, store it on lyrics folder of your offline app so you can use it even if you do not have internet connection
  • If your internet is slow, it may take time to load online lyrics. With offline lyrics, you are not dependent on the internet connection speed.

Do I need Offline Prompter if I have Acdsee?

It depends. If you are comfortable using Acdsee and your computer is fast enough to handle big application, then you might not need RareApps Offline Prompter. Though you may want to take these 2 points into consideration. RareApps Offline prompter lite is 5MB while Acdsee is 75MB. Acdsee is $50, RareApps Prompter is FREE! 🙂 under Creative Commons license FREE! for Prompter Pro Subscribers

Supported Platform

RareApps Prompter Offline Edition will run on Windows platform with Google Chrome installed.

Software Requirements

For this App to work on your computer, you need to make sure Google Chrome is already installed. If you intend to use RareApps Prompter Offline Edition in a PC without Google Chrome and without internet connection, you need to download the Full version. Full version comes with an Offline Google Chrome installer that you can install on your computer without internet connection.

Required Settings

These settings must be met in order to use the App

  • Do not change the installation folder during installation of the App. This App is not design to run in custom folder location.
  • All lyrics must be stored in lyrics folder under App directory (c:\rareapp-prompter\lyrics) If you try to load lyrics that is not stored on this location, the app will fail to render your lyrics in the prompter viewer

RareApps Prompter Offline Edition - Full

This version includes Offline Google Chrome Installer (45MB). If you intend to use the Prompter App in a computer with no internet connection and no Google Chrome installed.
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RareApps Prompter Offline Edition - Lite

This version is a light weight version of the App (5Mb). This does not includes Offline Google Chrome Installer. If you intend to use the Prompter App in a computer with Google Chrome already installed.
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